3 thoughts on “Reinventing Analog Game Studies”

  1. I just wanted to say thanks for starting this up. I have only finished reading the Reinventing Analogue Game Studies article and skimmed the others. I have added this to my bookmarks. I did have a question though, as a student who is working on general studies currently what fields of study would you recommend for the study of analogue gaming?

    1. Game studies itself has no core field of study – people come to it from media studies, comparative literature, computer science, sociology, anthropology, psychology, gender & women’s studies, and a host of other points of origin. It honestly depends on what your expected research methodology will be: do you want to delve into game logics to see what they mean? Maybe media or literary studies would be a start. Do you want to see how these games are received and used in a social context? Sociology or anthropology might be good bets. We use disciplines as toolboxes, rather than constraints!

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