Nick Mizer

NickMizerNick Mizer is currently a PhD student in anthropology at Texas A&M University.  He received his B.A. in anthropology from Biola University, where his senior thesis was an ethnography on social cohesion in D&D gaming groups.  Besides role-playing games his research interests include folklore, mythology, ritual, phenomenology, interpretive anthropology, performance studies, and geek culture.  His dissertation will explore historical trajectories in the relationships between narrative, space, and play in role-playing games, with a focus on Dungeons & Dragons and the old school renaissance.  He has a forthcoming article in The Journal of Popular Culture, titled “The Paladin Ethic and the Spirit of Dungeoneering,” which analyzes the history of D&D in terms of Weber’s ideas about rationalization and re-enchantment.  He can be reached at nicholas.j.mizer <at>, and some of his manuscripts are available on his page.

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