The Books

Each year, we compile the previous volume’s articles (plus a special bonus article) into a print anthology. Volumes 1 and 2 are now available through the ETC Press at Carnegie Mellon University. Print-on-demand and eBook versions are available for purchase, and PDFs are available for free download! Click on the links below to order.

Analog Game Studies: Volume 2
Print: $15.95  |  eBook: $3.99  |  PDF: free!
bonus article: “Postcolonial Catan,” by Bruno Faidutti

AGS Anthology 2

Analog Game Studies: Volume 1
Print: $13.95  |  eBook: $3.00  | PDF: free!
bonus article: “The Curse of Writing Autobiographical Games,” by Lizzie Stark

Analog Game Studies: Volume I